Xtra Brain Abacus Education

XTRA BRAIN Abacus is a brain development program based on mental arithmetic concept. Abacus is a method of mental calculation using beads at highly accelerated speed. This abacus training will help the child to improve the ability to do calculations as fast as calculator. This abacus program consists of 8 levels. Each level lasts for 3 months. The training sessions are conducted in a week for two hours. The name abacus id derived from the word ‘ABAX’ meaning table or board covered with dust. It is generally assumed that the origin of abacus is in Middle East in the Middle age Period. An abacus is an ancient computing methodology developed in CHINA where students learn to solve arithmetic problems like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCM, GCD, Decimals, Percentages, Square roots, cube root and negative numbers using a simple instrument called ABACUS. Exciting Photographic Memory will develop in students. Like any other organ of human body, our brain too needs regular exercising to keep it fit and sharp. But how do we exercise our brain? Mathematics provides the ideal exercise for our brain. Mathematics is the logical application of mind to tackle a particular problem. More time spent with mathematics would invariable result in a well exercised and a sharper brain. This is simply the reason why a child strong at mathematics is able to tackle other subjects with relative cause.

Abacus coaching can be started with children starting kindergarten till they are about 4 years old, although there is no prescribed age to begin with this form of education. Abacus Education is provided by Xtra Brain and has been providing impeccable service to all its customers since many years. Helping improve memory and concentration in your child, you can see a marked difference after introducing abacus education in your child’s routine. With so many benefits, all involving your child’s development it is an easy choice to make. So don’t wait any longer and start abacus coaching for your child, today.

Benefits To Students
  • Students develop a great sense towards numbers.
  • This increase their speed & accuracy dramatically.
  • Boosts their memory power & overall peformance.
  • Enhances logic, endurance,learning & writing skills
  • Promotes concentration, comprehension & inagination.
  • Activates right brain & trains to face competition.
  • Sharpens the learning power & improves efficiency.